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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The mean streets....of Carmarthen.

Today Dave and I decided to venture to our nearest urban settlement, which is Carmarthen. Its a good 30 miles each way, so fairly costly in petrol, but we like to go every few weeks and have a look around. We didn't buy much, mainly because charity shops have got so expensive. I cannot believe that people pay the prices that they mark stuff up at.

Had a dilemma in Wilkinsons as they had several 2 litre containers of milk reduced to 10p as it's "Use By" date was today. We decided against it, as unlike a lot of things milk does tend to "go off" when it says its going to "go off". I think that we would find it all a bit too stressful, what with the carrots and everything....

I used the toilets in Marks and Spencer and was bemused by their new hand dryers which force you to stand there with your fingers pointing down and splayed out like Tommy Cooper. We didn't witness any gangland violence in the Big City (well, medium town), but in Poundland heard a mother remark loudly and emphatically to her friend that her son, who was stood there, "Is soooo f***ing thick". Nice.

I have decided that one of the ways in which I shall try and make money is by selling things on EBay. I have never done this before, although I have bought plenty in the past. I think that I may start with this pair of trainers:-
They look much nicer in real life than in the picture-I shall have to brush up on my photography techniques before trying to sell them. I know that loads of people use Ebay to make money, so I figure that it really cannot be that difficult.
Still ploughing through the cooked carrots. I threw a load out on the lawn this morning, hoping that the birds would eat them. They didn't.