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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lidl, and a lot of root vegetables.

We went into our local town again today in order to take advantage of Lidls' "Weekend Offers". We don't usually go in on a Saturday as we tend to go in on a Friday, and there is the petrol to think of (it's 15 miles each way). This week I was lured in as they had half price beef mince -£1.09 per 500g pack, carrots at 29p per kg and dark chocolate at 29p for 100g. The chocolate is minimum 50% cocoa solids and not bad. So in we went.
WHY DOESN'T LIDL HAVE BASKETS!!!? This drives me mad-we didn't want a trolley, and they only have massive ones anyway, and then you have to faff around for a pound coin. This lack of baskets led to a minor domestic spat in the veg aisle as Dave and I were juggling 6 packs of mince, the chocolate, some milk, 6kg of carrots, a bag of King Edwards, a cabbage, a large box of their version of Weetabix and three packs of frozen puff pastry. It was like the climax of "Crackerjack!". Anyway, I'm sure that they must lose sales from people who want to buy more stuff, but can't carry it.
Dave thinks that it is fine to put the intended purchases in our shopping bags, but I feel distinctly shifty when doing this. It doesn't "feel" right and I expect to be arrested at any point, which spoils my shopping experience and makes me a bit "jumpy". He said that he has not yet reached the point where he feels the need to steal half price mince but I wanted to go and get a trolley. In the end we put the stuff in our bags but at the checkout I felt the need to shake the bags out and show them to the completely disinterested checkout operator.....

If you're wondering what we will do with 6kg of carrots, so am I. The plan is to use them to make wine, but you only use the water that the carrots were boiled in, not the actual carrots. We won't waste them but have no freezer room now that we have bought all that mince.
Dave contemplating the chances of finding another comedy carrot.
Then to Morrisons again where I noticed that all the swedes where 50p, regardless of size. Dave was duly dispatched to find the largest one. I suggested that he whittled it down to about 5 likely contenders, and then take them to the scales situated by the bananas in order to find a winner. Rather churlishly he refused to do this. 

Finally I thought that I would show you a picture of last nights dinner. We are lucky enough to have a multi fuel burner in the living room and when its lit I use it to cook/reheat food whenever practical. Last night it was chicken curry which tasted lovely and also tasted very authentic, largely down to the vast amount of oil I used when making it.