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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The wheels have been set in motion...pensive is the word

Right, so I have given my letter of resignation to my manager-the wheels have been set in motion and the forthcoming vacancy is being advertised. I got the customary comments like "We'll be sorry to see you go", and "Have you got another job?"-er, no... I'm glad that the decision has been made, but can't help feeling nervous about the future. Have just watched a programme on local TV describing the difficulties that some people are having in finding employment in my area. There is no disputing the fact that my timing is not the greatest.

With regards to money saving I am sat here wearing an elderly vest, a cardigan, a body warmer and a holey fleece on top, rather than turning on the heating. As I have just had my dinner, I'm fairly warm, and as Dave is going to work soon and I'm always in bed early, there isn't really any point in turning on the heating.

My dinner was Tesco Value white fish fillets-the frozen ones, (£1.85 for just over 500g and not bad-I get about 3 single meals out if them), cauliflower, peas and carrots and instant cheese sauce. Dave had his dinner this morning (he works nights). He had left over home made steak and kidney pudding, leftover lentil dhal, leftover sweetcorn bread-are you sensing a theme here? and leftover plum crumble.

The way the cooking works in our house is that I cook a large amount when making dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we eat the leftovers until the following Thursday (or I have my fish and veg). Any that is left gets frozen.

I have taken a photo of the steak and kidney pudding as I am quite proud of it, but now that it is half eaten its a bit sorry looking.
"Full of solid nourishment".