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Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm just jogging. I won't hurt you.

A quick update on the work situation. I didn't go in. When I handed in my resignation a comment was made that has been bothering me ever since. I decided to e mail management regarding my concerns rather than waste petrol and time driving in, 'discussing' it, then leaving and driving straight back home (I wouldn't have been staying). This I duly did this morning, and I am now unemployed since last Friday.

So that's that-onwards and upwards.

As an indication of my dedication to the cause of achieving supreme fitness, I thought that I would show you a picture of me this morning, resplendent in my running regalia. And looking like a right plonker.
No, the dog isn't stuffed....
Yes, I really do go out looking like this, but usually before 7am, so not many poor souls are around to witness it. Once again, I wasn't arrested and did another whole mile. Some days it takes me longer to get into my kit, than the actual run itself...

This is a picture of some mushrooms that have been lying around in the fridge for about 3 weeks.

I know of people who would view them as a health hazard. They went a bit slimy several days ago, so I put some kitchen roll underneath them. They have developed dark, slightly sticky patches and the stalks had become a bit wizened. But they smelt okay, so today they were sauteed in butter with garlic and made into a very tasty omelet. I think that the flavour was better and more pronounced due to the "ageing" process.
If anyone has any manky old mushrooms that they are about to bin, please think again. They taste better than they look.