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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Airbeds, puncture repair 'Outfits' and dogs with static.

Just a quick one today as Dave's parents have landed.
An update on the sealant and plasters airbed puncture remedy. It doesn't work. Bet that came as a surprise to you...
Now years ago I would just have driven into the nearest town (35 miles round trip), and gone to somewhere like Argos, and bought another one. Obviously I wanted to avoid that expense so yesterday I went to the tiny local shop in the next village, in the hope of finding a puncture repair kit (or 'Outfit' as it says on the tin).
I was pleased to say that they had one, and it cost just £1.35. This shop always come up trumps, and unlike a lot of small local shops, always charge a fair price.
So Dave was duly dispatched to repair the hole and a very good job he has done. I was a bit sceptical as with us two and the four dogs, the total weight that it would have to bear is around 30 stone, but it has held up.
The dogs never sleep well on the airbed (neither do we though).
I think that they are a bit perturbed by the wobbly feel of it, and the 'flock' wallpaper effect covering seems to make their fur develop a lot of static, which in turn makes them a little skittish.
Stronger than it looks. Still bloody uncomfortable though!
We could try leaving them downstairs to sleep in the kitchen, but then no-one would get any sleep as they would howl all night. Believe me, we've tried it....