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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Porkage Pie in the Remoska, cheese and an oddly dressed person in the woods.

Today I was planning to make Cottage Pie for dinner. Dave was tasked with the job of getting the mince out of the freezer yesterday. When I came to make it today I found that he had got pork mince rather than beef mince out, so Porkage Pie it is.

Unsurprisingly I think that it is wildly extravagant to turn on the oven for one dish and so this is when my Remoska comes in handy.
I don't like to boast but I am the proud owner of three. I bought the big one new, but the medium and small ones are charity shop finds that cost about £1 each.
The Three Remoskas
If you haven't heard of them they are basically a self contained mini oven and the heat comes from the lid. You cannot adjust the fiercely hot temperature, so it's no good for things that need slow cooking, but perfect for stuff like this and things like bread, roasting chickens, lasagna, fish fingers etc.
Here's the finished pie. One thing with the Remoska is that they seem to get hotter than my oven so the food really is molten when it's done. Experience has taught me that this needs to sit for for 5-10 minutes before we try and approach it.

The listing period for the item that I am trying to sell on EBay is almost up, and nothing has happened. No bids or anything. I don't even know whether anyone has looked at it. I'm not hopeful of a last minute rush of bidders and I must admit that I am bit cheesed off.
I might have to rethink my plan to make money by online selling.

Talking of cheese, we had a spot of cheese related excitement yesterday. We went to a nearby town in search of cheese as we had ran out and had a look in a small supermarket that we don't normally go in. Anyway, what should we find but our favourite cheese Colliers at the very attractive price of 99p for 250g.

It's not a cheap cheese, but some things are worth paying extra for. It's really strong, or as our Australian friends say, 'bitey'.
Tesco's currently sell it at about £3.50 for 400g. We bought 6 packs, and there were plenty left. As you can see it was originally £1.99, but I think that it was reduced as the expiry date is November. Needless to say we don't take much notice of 'use by' dates and suchlike in our house.

Finally, I thought that I'd mention that Dave has just returned from walking the dogs and tells me that he has just seen a chap we vaguely know, in the woods. Nothing odd with that you think. Well there isn't except that Dave insists that this person was wearing slip-on shoes, a pair of tights and a blazer. 
That's it. 
Nothing else.