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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Yorkshire puds and wet washing.

Dinner today was roast chicken, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweetcorn, roast parsnips, roast Jerusalem artichokes, gravy and Yorkshire Pudding.
Now for some reason I make terrible Yorkshire Puddings. I know the fundamentals like getting the fat really hot, and not opening the oven door and have tried various recipes, with similar results.
Mine are leaden at best and sometimes, especially when I do one large one, you might not guess what its meant to be. It ends up looking like a flat, pale, doughy, greasy, sponge and is impossible to remove from the tin.

Dave claims to like it and says that it's very 'substantial', but I think he's just trying to put on a brave face.

So with this in mind, coupled with the fact that we have visitors staying, I thought that I would spare everyones blushes, swallow my principles and buy some ready made YP's. 
I got them from Aldi and I think that they were on offer at 49p, but are normally 59p. They're very small, but really tasty and not too dry or brittle. Definitely recommended for those of us lacking in the Yorkshire Pudding department and reasonably priced, although obviously not as cheap as homemade.

This washing has been on the line since Friday morning.
I strive for the whitest whites in the village
As you can see its all looking a bit bedraggled, and its also sopping wet. We've had nothing but heavy winds and rain since it went out.
I believe that once washing has been hung out its not coming back in unless it is more dry than it was when it was hung out. Otherwise the whole tedious business has been a complete waste of time. So it can look as forlorn and windswept as it likes, but its not coming in yet. In fact I'm quite surprised that it's still there to be honest. 

I've heard that some people rewash their washing if it has been rained on.
I cannot understand this. It seems like a totally totally irrational thing to do, unless you live somewhere riddled with industrial levels of air pollution. More importantly, it doesn't make financial sense.
But then some people, especially some women I've come across, are inordinately proud of their 'whites'...and prone to 'showing off' with laundry.
You must have come across them, who knows, perhaps you are one.
You can smell the Lenor on them from ten feet, they wash everything after just one use/wear, they frequently do 'boil washes', they run the machine with only a few items in it, and when you walk past their house the air is filled with the scent of the latest washing powder, 'Madagascan Henbane and Wild Ermine Pup' or suchlike. Often they're slightly deaf due to being subjected to long periods of 'spin cycle'.

My theory is that by hanging out washing it has been made public for all to see and pass judgement on, and so grubby looking washing, or washing that has been on the line for a few days reflects badly on whoever is responsible, a bit like dingy nets or arson. Hence the fiercely competitive approach to laundry adopted by some.

Call me slatternly but as long as its fairly clean and smells better than before it was washed I'm not too bothered about what it looks like, whether its been rained on, or whether its been on the line so long I've outgrown it.........