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Friday, 18 November 2011

'I am a cider drinker, I drinks it all of the day'

You've got to love The Wurzels haven't you? No? That's just me then....

Today, in true Wurzel fashion we have been making cider for Christmas. We tend to use our various home brews as Christmas presents, whether they like it or not. This year we are obviously trying to keep Christmas costs to a minimum, so are giving away a lot of booze. In order to keep our stock levels up, another cider making session was required.

Occasionally, for instance if someone gives us windfalls, we make cider from apples. Usually though we use apple juice. A few weeks ago apple juice was half price in Lidl, so we stocked up.
I think that it was something like 56p for 1.5 litres.
So 19 litres of juice and 3 litres of hot water are mixed with 1.6kg of sugar and a sachet of Champagne yeast.
It is left to ferment in a warm place for about a week.
As our house is quite cold a 'reptile heater'-a wand-like device for keeping our cold-blooded friends happy-is dropped into the brew.
After about a week it is bottled. We use old 1 litre tonic, or any other fizzy drink bottles.
You need to have a secondary fermentation and in order for that to take place, as you bottle the cider you also need to add a teaspoon of sugar to each bottle. The secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle and this is what gives the cider it's 'fizz' and strength.
The bottles are left in a warmish place (in our case its on top of the boiler), for another week or so, until the bottles feel 'tight' when squeezed.

It is then ready to drink, and I think perfectly drinkable, but I must admit that it's nicer if left for a couple of weeks. Waiting also diminishes its' laxative effects, but if you're a bit bunged up, go for it.

Dave reckons that the strength is about 9%. I just know that it is very strong indeed.

Daves' just poured himself a glass and is settling down to watch his Jethro-The Cornish Ambassador video again, accompanied by a Scotch Egg. Now that's a cheap and sophisticated Friday night in.

What's not to like?