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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cheap and Proud.

I have always been careful with money, even when I was earning. As a result I have tried many cheap products, some good, some bad. 
I thought that today I would mention two products that are cheap-possibly the cheapest of their type-and good. 

The first is the iconic Tesco Value Toothbrush:
These retail in my local at 10p for two. What else could you buy two of for 10p?
Even if you can come up with something,  I bet it won't clean your teeth.
The bristles even stand up to Dave, who will regularly spend over 5 minutes in a frenzy of tooth brushing and spitting.
They last well, although we normally change brushes after 4-6 weeks (the old brushes then get used for the dogs teeth...).  I think that the design has a functional, Soviet era quality.

My second brilliant cheap product is this:
Simply Colour hair dye, made by Mellor & Russell and sold by Wilkinson's.....for £1.

Now I have an unnatural, some have said, Sasquatch-like amount of hair. It's grey and grows faster than Japanese Knotweed. As I do not yet feel ready to embrace my inner 'Humpty Frumpty', I need to dye my hair every 3 weeks.
Needless to say, due to the cost (and the fact that I hate going to the hairdressers) I have never had my hair dyed professionally and have always done it myself.
I have spent years wasting £5+ a box on dyes that did no better a job than this one. I will admit that the gloves with the pricier dye were more 'Casualty' and the cheap dye has no conditioner, but I can live with that. This dye covers the grey, despite the fact that I water it down a bit to make it go further.
Other than dipping your head into a slurry pit I can't think of a cheaper way to hide those greys.

In fact I used it this morning and here I am, grey-less, sharing a beanbag with my elderly whippet, Frank.
I have to admit I envy his shiny, golden locks..
Don't worry, the dye hasn't made my hair (or face) go like that. I always look like Slash until I've straightened it.