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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Noodle Madness and tinned tuna tantrums.

For some reason when I was shopping last week, I decided to buy 4 packs of Tesco Value Chicken flavoured noodles. Now I haven't bought instant noodles for years and this is quite out of character. In fact I'm not keen on any type of noodles. To me they have a smell reminiscent of wet washing that's been stored in a shed for a couple of days with a muddy Labrador.

I think that the price of 11p a pack may have triggered my purchase (although Value pasta works out cheaper). Perhaps subconsciously I wanted to investigate cheap noodles as they may turn out to be a valuable and economical addition to our diet now that I'm not earning...You hear about students surviving on noodles for years don't you?
Dave says they taste about as chickeny as a clean pair of his pants, and less chickeny than a dirty pair.
Once rehydrated, the thing that struck me about them was how insubstantial yet calorific they are. The 65g pack yields only about 2-3 tablespoons of noodles-fair enough for 11p, but they contain a whopping 260 calories.  That's a lot of calories for not a lot of food.
But then I realised that its a similar calorific value as most pasta type products, although the noodles are higher in fat. It just seemed insubstantial as it was portion controlled at 65g.
The recommended pasta portion size is similar-I think its around 75g. No doubt if I cooked up 75g of pasta it would look equally pathetic.
Dave and I normally share a 500g bag between us.....

I heard someone say on the radio yesterday that in order to measure how much dried spaghetti you need for a meal you should have an amount that is the same thickness as your thumb. I have particularly puny, stunted hands so for me, that would be about 13 strands-hardly worth the bother.

Anyway, I think that its fundamentally wrong to have the size of your dinner dictated by how big your thumbs are.

My crap tin opener
I've just had a tinned tuna sandwich for my lunch and found the whole business quite trying.
Last time we needed a tin opener I decided to invest in a 'good' one as I've only ever had ones that are temperamental at best. So we got this Kuhn Rikon one. Its Swiss and according to the packaging 'Bloody Marvellous'. It cost about £8.   
I can't get it to work. Dave can, and is prone to showing off with it, but he's in bed sleeping off a night shift and probably wouldn't appreciate being woken up to open a can of tuna.

Perhaps it's due to my underdeveloped thumbs....

When I finally managed to get the lid off, I had a right job trying to drain the brine off without getting it all over my hands. I also managed to drop half of the tuna down the sink...still put it in my sandwich though.
Finally, whilst eating the sandwich I felt something wet running down my arm. Tuna juice. I knew I hadn't drained it properly as the bread had an unusual 'squelchy' quality. The tuna juice had run down to my elbows and my cardigan sleeves now smell of fish.
That 'no-drain' tuna seems really pricey compared to normal stuff (which also seems really pricey to me), but perhaps it's worth it, just to avoid fishy sleeves?

Thought I would update you on the Strawberry wine kit that cost under £2.
As you can see it has cleared really well, despite my reservations about the seeds. I haven't tasted yet but it will probably need 'racking off' before I do as it has a lot of sludge in the bottom. Even I prefer my drink sludgeless. I've come a long way since my Swede wine days...
It certainly looks the part. Perhaps on tasting it will become apparent why it was so cheap.