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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Frustrated by Gremlins

Well I wanted to post yesterday but couldn't as whenever I tried to upload some photo's, I got the message "USB Device not recognised" . I am finding this an ongoing problem which has only started since I began this blog. So I spent a lot of time yesterday trawling the Internet for answers and trying various fixes, with varying degrees of success. The computer has been off at the plug all night and this morning I was able to get a couple of photo's uploaded before it started playing up again...

Yesterday I made some "Savoury Pinwheels" using the puff pastry that I got from Lidl last week.

I rolled it out thinly and spread it with pesto and mustard, then sprinkled on some cheese and paprika.
Rolled it up and sliced at 1cm intervals.
And baked at 180 C for about 20 minutes.

They tasted lovely and cost around £1.50 in total. Obviously these types of things are available to buy in the shops but from my experience they don't really taste of much and cost more than £1.50. In the past I have spent a small fortune on "party foods", and the lack of taste seems to be an ongoing issue with a lot of them. I notice that they are creeping into the shops now that the "Christmas Party Season" is almost upon us (do many people hold "Christmas Parties"?). I can only imagine the amount of profit that manufacturers and retailers must make on this type of thing. Perhaps I could branch out into the "Party Nibbles" market?