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Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas is coming, my arse is getting fat.....

I don't know whether its my age or:

Regularly drinking too much alcohol
Then taking 6 chocolate digestives up to bed with me
And a thick slice of bread with lots of butter and Tate and Lyles' Golden Syrup
Then waking up the next day a bit hungover and starving
And eating stuff like fried egg sandwiches and crisps, at two hour intervals, all day
And not moving much
And getting a bit depressed
And having a drink
And a biscuit
And so it goes on..... 

But strangely I seem to be putting on a bit of weight.....? 

Obviously paying to exercise is out of the question, and I'm not one for group exercising  (I'm a bit antisocial) so I will 'up' my jogging and 'down' my alcohol intake.
I have jogged, very slowly, a few times a week for the last 16 years. In the past I have got up to doing aver 25 miles a week, and then dropped down to nothing for weeks. But it has remained a constant. I am currently jogging about 4 miles a week, but that clearly isn't enough (what a surprise...), so I will aim to increase it. This will be a lot easier in two weeks when my notice period is up, but I can make a start now.
Would make another portion as long as you're not too keen on fish
It doesn't help that this was yesterdays dinner, but we are on 'holiday' and so threw caution to the wind and got some fish and chips from a chip shop renowned for it's massive portions. We bought a small portion of chips (we asked for 'large' but the assistant assured us that 'small' would be fine, and he was right) and two medium fish. This came to £7.80 and once Dave and I had eaten our fill, (we both have very healthy appetites) this was left-almost another portion, in my book.
The last time we had fish and chips it was in July, for my birthday. We went to a different chip shop and had a pot of mushy peas and a pot of curry sauce as well, but that came to over £15, so guess which Chippy we'll go to next time? (If there is a next time, what with me giving up work and that...)
No doubt Dave will polish off the leftovers for lunch today.

Finally, the good folk at EBay have kindly informed me that this weekend it will cost me nothing to list items for sale. Now, I have never done this before, and am quite nervous at the prospect, but I need to make money and so will have a go. I shall let you know how I get on. I mean, how hard can it be?