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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just 9 to go....

Another shift done, just 9 to go now. I am lucky in that Dave and I have a weeks leave next week. When I return it will be for just two weeks (I only work Monday to Thursday). As I mentioned previously, my job is already being advertised (via Jobcentre website), and so far we have had over 40 requests for an application form. One mans' meat is another mans' poison.....and whoever gets the job may leave a vacancy that may appeal to me. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. 

In the front room, once it's dark we normally have fairy lights and the standard lamp on. We have decided to economise and just have fairy lights on (plus the TV), unless we are eating. For some reason neither of us likes eating what we cannot see (despite my having cooked it, so there aren't going to be any surprises, except the odd hair. I shed a lot.). So this evening as soon as I had finished my fish and vegetables the light went off. Then Dave decided to have yet more steak and kidney pudding (he has a high boredom threshold), and so the light went on again, but as soon as he had finished, off it went. He went on to have a slice of bread and jam, but bravely decided to eat it without the aid of a standard lamp . We have agreed to eat before it gets dark when we are off work next week.

Again no heating as although it isn't warm it isn't really cold either. So I've got four layers on again, Dave is modelling the Slanket, and the four dogs are each covered in a blanket. I enclose a picture of Dave in his Slanket (with a glass of homebrewed cider, or a "pint of Rough" as we like to call it). Please note the standard lamp is "orf".
I have no idea why his left arm is in the air.