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Monday, 21 November 2011

Faffing for England (or Wales).

Today, I have been wrapping Christmas presents. I enjoy Christmas a lot, but find the task of wrapping presents strangely irritating. I will quite happily faff around making fiddly things like Scotch Eggs, chocolate Brazil's or vol au vents, but when it involves paper, scissors and sticky tape, the mist descends. I get in a bit of a mess and rush to finish the job quickly. The end results look like they've been kicked round the house.

Most of the presents are for members of Daves' family. His parents are coming to stay this weekend and they bring our Christmas presents from Dave's family with them. When they leave they take our presents to them, back to the Midlands. So they need to be wrapped and labelled and ready to go.
And of course I have ran out of the job isn't finished yet.
If the present is in the bag you don't have to wrap it, right?

As you can see I have used a lot of 'gift bags', saved from last year of course. I think some of them may be enjoying their third or fourth year of Christmas service, but unless they are really tatty I wouldn't dream of throwing them away. And if anyone is shallow enough to be offended by a used gift bag, they need to get a grip.

Whenever we give presents they tend to be:
1.Something that you can eat.
2.Something that you can drink.
3.Something you can spend ie.a voucher.

Unless someone makes a particular request for something other than the above we don't tend to deviate from that rule. Except where children are concerned, as I believe that alcohol is bad for them. I think that if you can eat it, drink it or spend it, it is less likely to be a 'token' gift-one that doesn't really serve any purpose and is just a waste of money.

Years ago I always used to buy presents as I stupidly believed that vouchers may show a lack of thought and therefore offend. As Christmas drew closer and I became increasingly panicked I have been known to resort to those overpriced department store gift packs containing personalised golf tees, radios that you can listen to in the shower, mugs that change colour, Teas of the World sets or singing socks and suchlike. Just so that I could get that present marked as 'bought' and out of the way.

I don't seem to have achieved much today, and seem to have spent the day 'butterflying' from task to task, without actually doing anything properly. I'm normally very focused and get jobs done, sorted, and out of the way-Bish-Bash-Bosh style. But not today.
I'm being plagued with 'technical' problems, even with the Blog, which is slowing me down a lot. The irritating thing is that I suspect that these 'issues' could be easily remedied by your average teenager...

The pantry needs a good clear out. As you can see its a mess and I don't really know what's in it anymore. My stock rotation system has gone out of the window and I can't claim that I haven't the time to tidy it.
I will crack on with it soon and post a picture once it's all nicely regimented.