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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Just the $4.3 million then...

Whilst browsing the Daily Mail online (I know-it's not big and it's not clever, but at least I haven't spent money on it), I came across a news item about a crap photograph of a river, some sky and some grass, selling for $4.3 million. I did post a link to the feature, but then read that it's illegal to do that, so here's some info on Wikipedia - Its the 3rd picture down on the right.
I find this an amazing story. I cannot fathom why anyone would pay more than the price of a packet of Custard Creams (economy range) for it, let alone 4.3 Big Ones. Is the buyer sure that they can sell it on when they get bored with it  (I'd guess at about 5 minutes after they get it out of the carrier bag)?  I think they have made a big mistake and I hope that they have a 'cooling off' period during which they can return it. I strongly urge them to keep the receipt.  

If anyone wants to buy this photo the cost is a mere £500.
I thought that I would show you how the sub-£2 kit for Strawberry wine is getting on. Here it is languishing on our boiler, along with a few other ferments, Daves' dog walking hat and several grubby towels. It has calmed down a lot and is now just gently fizzing. One thing that I find quite strange about it is that it is FULL of strawberry seeds-'Fibre Rich booze'-perhaps that's one for the health conscious alcoholics amongst us. I find that the balloons 'air locks' add a definite comedy edge to the demijohns, but perhaps that's just me.

As we are tight (and getting tighter due to my pending unemployment), we don't go out much and spend most evenings watching TV.
Last night Dave and I watched all four episodes of Channel 4's fantastic drama, Top Boy.
It was some of the best (and most depressing) TV that I have seen for years. I spent my first 28 years living in some really grim parts of Coventry, but Top Boy made those areas look like Butlins (well, perhaps not that bad. I had an enforced stay of 5 nights at Butlins in Minehead in 1995-not pretty...).  The acting was brilliant by all concerned and some of the actors were children-how do they get so talented so quickly? Why am I not 'gifted'?
By the way, I knew that the dog was dead meat about 15 minutes in........

As you can probably tell I've reached the bit on 'How to add links' in my 'Blogging for Spanners' book, and so have added a couple. Hope they work.....