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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Free stuff, turkeys and testing.

I seem to be doing okay at saving money, but not really managing to make any yet.

I eagerly waited for the post today as we haven't had any for days and I was convinced that I was going to have won at least one of the billions of competitions that I have entered over the last couple of weeks.
I'm expecting about 15 turkeys to arrive in a couple of weeks as unsurprisingly every other competition seems to have turkey-based prizes. This would pose a huge logistical problem for me as I only have a small freezer and it would also involve a hell of a lot of carcass boiling. Anyway, given my current winnings ( 2 eggcups), I won't start clearing room in the freezer just yet.  At least I've learnt a lot about turkeys in the process. If  I went on Mastermind I could do turkeys as my 'specialist subject' now.

What I did get delivered was some free stuff. I use the 'Freebie' bit on the MoneySavingExpert forums to find out what deals are around and I don't know if its because Christmas is coming up, but there seem to be a lot on there at the moment. Well worth having a look.

About 1pm a courier delivered a full size Pantene shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning hair mask and lots of Pantene samples and vouchers from Supersavvyme. I had to sign for it on one of those hand held electronic devices. I really do not see the point of those because they make everyones signature look like its been done by a drunk chimp doing mouth writing.

Anyway, with Supersavvyme you sign up to review stuff for them and if you're selected they send whatever the product is, to you. You have to do various reviews and surveys on the product, but I don't mind that as I find it quite interesting, but I am about the dullest person you could ever wish to meet.
A few months ago I tested a foundation for them. I got a full size bottle to try and its still got loads in it. They also had one on washing detergent but I didn't get selected for that one.

I also test products for Boots and today the postman delivered two mascaras and some 'Hair Gel Spray' (whatever that is) from them.
I don't think I'll enter any photography competitions...
With the Boots stuff they send a questionnaire with the products. You complete it once you've tried  the product the required number of times, and return it by a specified date (it comes with a prepaid envelope).

This type of thing saves us a lot of money as I rarely need to buy make up or toiletries and make up is sooo expensive. In fact the phrase 'complete rip off' comes to mind. And most of it is packaging, there's hardly any actual 'product' in it.
Rant over. Just noticed the mascaras have a 'Use by' date. They get everywhere........

I also test for Tesco's, but rarely have anything through from them these days, and a company called Clix Research who are pretty good and have products to test fairly regularly.

The Boots stuff comes in 'Jiffy' type bags, which I have been saving to use as packaging for all the stuff that I envisaged selling on EBay. Dave's discovered that they make very good firelighters so its just as well they have an alternative use as I'm not getting much EBay action. I put something different on last's had 7 views all week...
Its all very sad.

Anyway off to look at some job search websites now, including the humorously named 'Jobsite'....well it always makes me smile. Whoever thought that name was a good idea?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lady Luck-have I done something to offend you?

I have been doing a lot of online competitions recently. The aim being to win a bit of money, or items that I can sell, or things that we can eat, thereby avoiding the need to work for someone else. So far I have won 2 egg cups....

Over the last two weeks  I must  have done over 50 a day.  I enjoy doing them, but it would be nice to win something worth more than £2.50. Even if I managed to sell the egg cups (don't talk to me about EBay...), the profit would only just about cover the price of 4 litres of milk, 5kg of potatos' or electricity for a day. I won't dwell on it as it is all a bit depressing.

On a lighter note, here is a picture of Daves' dinner.
It consists of leftover lasagna, leftover pasta twirls with tuna and olives, leftover leeks and leftover sweetcorn.

This is what happens when you put it a a bowl, microwave it and eat it...

You start to look like Michael Winner, or Kirky from Coronation Street. Not good.

This morning Dave came home from work accompanied by a roadkill rabbit that he found on the drive home. I took a picture, and tried to get its 'best' side, but it is still a little gory, so I will leave that one out. Dave has always had a penchant for picking up roadkill. I'm not keen at all, but the dogs enjoy a bit of rabbit from time to time. But it's free, free range and organic-ish.
I believe that it has been paunched, skinned and cleaned and is currently sleeping in the freezer.
Dave keeps moaning about not being able to get the smell of rabbit off his hands...