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Friday, 4 November 2011

Now thats what I call Value!

This passes for excitement around here. Dave was chopping up carrots for the dogs' "stew" ( a mix of dog mince from the butcher, vegetables and barley), when he happened upon this comedy gem....
The carrots were about 76p for 2kg, and I know it's not Christ or anything, (more Stephen Fry I think), but we found it funny.  Stephen was spared the pot. I wonder whether people would pay to see Carrot Stephen?

Today we went to a "charity warehouse", where items are offered-not for sale, but for a donation. We go regularly and have got (and given) some good stuff. Today I picked up a very small and old looking glass bottle and stopper. I thought that I might use it for salad dressing. I also got a very old looking  "cosy". I'm not sure whats it is meant to "cosy" as it doesn't have any holes for handle and spout so it can't be for a teapot. What caught my eye was the design of a chick in a cart whipping a chick pulling the cart, with a chick bringing up the rear. I think that must be fairly unique and wonder what kind of mind thought that one up.
Then we went to Morrisons and Dave found a "Strawberry Wine" kit in the bit where they sell dented cans and suchlike (needless to say we always look there). It was reduced from £7.99 to £1.98, and being very keen homebrewers and homedrinkers, we snapped it up. Dave is busy getting it going as I speak. I shall post some photos of it tomorrow.