Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wooden spoons, Orangutans, butter and Redknapp.

I have finally had a win, and it's a Biggy.
Two days ago a courier delivered a box containing ten solid beech kitchen utensils, carved by rescue Orangutans living in a sanctuary in Delia Smith's garden. The icing on the cake is that the set includes a much longed for meat tenderiser specially whittled by the pack leader, Dolph, who according to the blurb only has one testicle because of poachers.
So that's this year's Christmas presents sorted out. Not being much of a 'people person' I know just eight people and I only give presents to two of those. That leaves eight utensils for me. Result.

Yep, I won the wooden spoons.

Dave won't eat anything but butter. I don't mean that he sits down to a slab of Countrylife for his tea, although that would be very entertaining to watch. I mean that he turns his nose up at imitation butter of any kind. This is annoying as there are currently over two million different margarines on sale in British supermarkets and despite never having tasted them, he claims that each and every one makes him bilious.
Interestingly not one of the margarines is called 'margarine' - they are all referred to as 'spreads'. 'Margarine' seems to have become a marketing swear word these days.
Personally it makes me think of minced up cow udders and World War II, so I can see why they're trying to move away from it. 
Disliking waste, I think it could be recycled as a name-Margerina. Ideal for Wills and Kates first born, whatever the sex.

Anyway, butter has shot up in price but at the moment there are two good butter offers on. Morrison's currently has 2 x 250g Anchor for £2 and Tesco have Lurpak with sea salt 2 x 200g for £1.60.
Annoyingly supermarkets tend to keep offers on 'real' foods like butter, under their hats, whilst trumpeting offers on Pringles, Muller yoghurt's, Goodfellas pizzas and suchlike, so I thought I would mention it here, giving all three readers the 'heads up'.
Maybe Delia can take him as well as Redknapp?

Proving that money isn't everything, I was saddened to hear of Harry Redknapp's plight this week.
When up in front of the Beak for alleged tax weaselling, he claimed that he "writes like a two year old, can't work a computer, doesn't know what an e mail is, can't spell, has never sent a text or a fax, has never wrote a letter, doesn't understand Deal or No Deal, needs to have his food mushed up and has no feeling in his anus".
Well I made up the last one but really, the poor man needs some type of care package.

Goodness knows how he manages to write his regular column for The Sun. He must be in a right state as the deadline approaches. I can imagine him sat at the newspaper covered kitchen table, potato stamp in hand, sweating, with tongue sticking out in concentration and powder paints all over the place, desperately trying to produce something for the Sun readers whilst the courier pigeon stomps around getting arsey.
So moved am I, that I have decided to donate one of my wooden spoons to him to help him to mush up his food. He's not having the tenderiser though.
Perhaps Delia could find a place in the sanctuary for him?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Priceless peanuts, well oiled birds and the wattle of Edmonds.

I like to feed the birds each day, usually with wild bird seed. Normally in the winter the seed is supplemented with crushed peanuts, but not this year.
Have you seen the price of peanuts? I think there has been some sort of global peanut crisis because they are now, ounce for ounce, officially more expensive than gold, cocaine, diamonds or plutonium. It's not helping that Jimmy Yung Un in North Korea is stockpiling them to finance his nuclear shenanigans.

So this year they are still getting the bird seed, but rather then turning to crime in order to fund their peanut habit, I'm 'enriching' it with meat fat instead as I don't want to get tagged again.
I usually use the fat off the pet mince, but if I don't have any I use lard instead.
I melt a little fat in the microwave and mix it in with the seed before putting it out. Peanuts are probably better, but in these times of austerity the birds understand that they must tighten their feathery belts too.

While we're on fat, here's another fat related tip.
I quite often buy chicken portions and skin them before cooking. I used to throw away the skin but not any more. If you put the raw skins in a bowl and microwave them for a few minutes, turning occasionally, you render the fat out and are left with 'chicken scratchings' which are very tasty sprinkled with salt.
I pour the rendered chicken fat into a bowl and keep it in the fridge. It's useful for cooking savoury stuff, waterproofing your boots, repelling weasels or rubbing on your chest to keep out the cold.
Duck and goose fat are currently the 'A' listers in the world of celebrity poultry fat, with prices to match, but chicken fat or schmaltz is useful too and worth saving, given the price of cooking oil.

I don't want to boast but we are a three Slanket household.

Grace Jones having a laff round ours yesterday.

The brown Slanket is in it's natural state and has not been tampered with. Due to the design it can sometimes be a bit flappy and billowy and can cause entanglement issues.
Perplexed by this problem I came up with a remedy.
Below is a picture of my 'pimped up' Slanket. As you can see the flappy bits have been sewn together, resulting in a kind of fleecy straightjacket. It has a strange 'wattle-y' bit at the front, which Dave finds useful for storing biscuits, Scotch eggs or ale. A kind of nosebag, if you like.
Noel Edmonds, having descended from pelicans, has managed to cultivate his own splendid wattle in later life. No doubt that would fill the 'nosebag' entirely, leaving him struggling to squeeze in even a buffet sausage roll, or a sprat. I suppose he could always put it in his bumbag.

Last week, at the Golden Globes with Frank the whippet.

It's is best to wear this when you are not expecting visitors as it takes about 7 minutes to get out of.
It renders movement virtually impossible and I speak from experience when I say it's best not to answer the door while wearing it....Unless it's the Jehovah's Witnesses again, who seem to be targetting us for some reason.
What of the third Slanket? Well, being very 'on trend' I'm in the process of remodelling it into a 'Sherlock' Slanket with matching legwarmers made from old jumper arms.

I was watching SuperScrimpers on Channel 4 last night and found it quite depressing to see them beginning the programme by telling people to throw food out, 'even if it looks and smells fine' once it's past the 'use by' date. This sort of blind observance of rules is what I was going on about in my last post and really gets on my nerves. We need to learn to use our judgement and take responsibility for our decisions.
Eat some over ripe sandwich ham just once and spend all night tormented by shuddering waves of cramping pain, sweating like Lee Evans on the Sudan leg of his world tour, exploding from the bagpipes and throwing up all over the twisted shag and you'll soon learn to tell when something's gone off or not....

Admittedly there are some useful tips on this programme, and it does a good job at 'normalising' thrifty practices, but I find the whole 'Miss Moneypenny' thing a bit contrived, what with her pedalling around dressed like a Seventies pimp. It's just a bit odd that's all...I'll still watch  next week though.  

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Just eat it and slap some oil on your chops.

Firstly,  a couple of updates on products that I have mentioned recently.
The jar of ginger puree from The 99p Store is very good. It's been opened and in the fridge for about a week and so far is showing no signs of going mouldy. If it starts to look a bit dodgy I'll just portion it up into an ice cube tray and freeze.  The smell is, unsurprisingly, really gingery and the flavour is good. I thought that it might taste a bit artificial, but it doesn't, and a little in some hot water makes a really good ginger tea.
I also tried the tinned pink salmon from Poundland and I can report that it is well worth getting. I think that it is exactly the same quality as the branded stuff, with no more skin, bone or mushy bits than usual.

We have just finished the last of the cheap eggs from Aldi that I bought back on 31/12/11 and were absolutely fine despite having a 'use by' date of 06/01/12. Neither of us have been to the toilet since last year, but it saves on toilet roll.

I really think that we have gone over the top where food 'use by' dates are concerned. In my opinion this leads to a lot of waste,especially amongst less experienced cooks. Over the years, recommendations by the likes of the Food Standards Agency have convinced some of us that we risk wiping out the family and triggering a biohazard alert as a result of reheating yesterday's chicken curry.

I'm proud to say that I have only had proper food poisoning once as a result of my own negligence, and in my defence, I was very young and inexperienced at the time. It resulted from cooked white rice which I left out all night rather than refrigerating. I thought that I was going to die and as a result, never take any chances with rice. Anything else is fair game as long as it isn't turning green, exuding sliminess and stinking to high heaven.

I did, however, experience varying degrees of food poisoning regularly when I used to eat out and buy takeaways a lot in the Nineties. This speaks volumes, but I'd rather not think about it too much.

Going back a few weeks, the free Pantene shampoo,conditioner and deep conditioning hair mask that I received from Super Savvy has been fairly good, but doesn't seem to be 'moisturising' enough for my hair.
I think the problem is my hair, not the product. It is so dry that I could dip my head in the chip pan every week and it would still be like straw.
Talking of oil I saw that this week 'Hollywood Actress' Emma Stone (never heard of her but I don't get out much and haven't been to the pictures since 1995 when I saw 'Se7en') has been talking about her '£2 beauty secret', which is basically slapping oil on your chops.
I have been doing this for years, normally using vegetable oil, but using whatever is to hand including pumpkin seed, olive and almond oil. Some people use mayonaise.
According to the article she uses the slightly more high end grapeseed oil. Fair enough, it's her money. Apparently she uses it 'throughout the day and night'. She must be as slippery as a soapy ferret and I dread to think what her bedding looks like.

Anyway, my decades of detailed research has led me to believe that slapping on any type of edible oil onto the hair, face or body is a good thing to do, unless you have oily tendencies. 
About twice a week I rub a couple of teaspoons of oil into my face. If I feel the need to exfoliate, I rub some normal granulated sugar in on top of the oil.  Go easy to start with in case it doesn't agree with you and your skin drops off. Well it works for me anyway.

Carrying on with the 'culinary beauty tips' theme another 'Hollywood Actress', Thandie Newton, reports using turmeric mixed in with her foundation to get a better colour match. I have to admit I have never heard of this but may give it ago. I know from cooking many a curry that turmeric can stain skin quite badly so I'll go easy as I run the risk of looking like an Oompa Loompa.
Carrot Stephen having had too much turmeric.
These two articles reminded me how, twenty or thirty years ago, manufacturers tended to emphasise the natural, homespun properties of their stuff and brands like Bodyshop, Linco, Woodleigh Green Apple or Timotei were all the rage, like rustic brown pottery and vegetarianism.
Nowadays the trend  is to don a white lab coat, come over all 'Heston Blumenthal' and give stuff stupid names (and prices), that don't mean anything like L'oreal Men's Expert Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster moisturiser £10.99 for 50ml.
£10.99 for 50ml? And you can't even fry your chips in it...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oat So Simple. In the head. And pants made out of hot water bottles.

A couple of days ago, in the middle of Coronation Street I saw an advert for Quaker Oat So Simple Express Pots. It threw me a bit.
It's like a pot noodle for porridge apparently. Now Pot Noodles aren't great but at least they are trying to mimic what would be a fairly complex meal to prepare, such as curry or chow mein with vegetables and noodles. Fair enough.
But porridge is a no brainer. You put oats in a bowl, add water and/or milk and zap it in the microwave. Easy.
Intrigued, and with way too much time on my hands, I decided to investigate further.

At the moment the QOSSEP's seem to be on offer in most of the supermarkets. Tesco are selling 5 x 57g pots for £4 at the moment, instead of the usual £5. Bargain.

So that's 285g of porridge with added apple and blueberry, golden syrup or cinnamon flavouring and some milk powder for £4, which works out at around £14 for a kilo of porridge. That's a very special offer. It's ready peeled garlic all over again.
I believe that a de-luxe version with 'sprinkles' is out soon, retailing at £1.39 a pot.
We'll be calling it 'oatmeal' like they do in America, next. 

According to this article in The Grocer, Quakers have found out that although their Oats So Simple sachets are popular,  people are finding the part where you tip it into a bowl a bit tricky.
Is it pollution, global warming or space rays? There must be a reason that we are turning into total spanners.

Anyway, the Quakers beavering away at PepsiCo have come up with the pot noodle porridge to help us out.
Although I've never really forgiven them for Michael Jackson's hair, I'm relieved. I 've always found the bowl a tricky piece of domestic machinery to master.

This product appears to be aimed at the 'food to go' market, which is one of the largest growth areas in the world of convenience food. According to Talking Retail***, 48% of British consumers regularly eat their breakfast 'on the go'. Whatever that means.
It's meaningless really as you can't make it 'on the go'. Are you allowed to boil your kettle on the bus nowadays? Does your car have plug sockets? What you can do is make it, then flounce down the street choking on your tepid groats.
And making a statement.

There seems to be a certain cachet, a certain metrosexual chic, implied by swanning around whilst eating and drinking, slopping your Alcafe all over the shop.
Perhaps people think it says 'look at me, I'm far to busy/important/self sacrificing/high earning to attend to my basic needs before leaving the house'.
What it says to me, apart from 'poor time management skills' is 'look at me, I couldn't be arsed to get out of my pit this morning so had to spend £4.75 on a luncheon meat and grape panini'.

Maybe this 'money rich, time poor' approach extends to other basic functions. Perhaps some folk are too high powered to spare the time for a Tom Tit in the morning, so wear special pants to accommodate the need to 'go on the go'.
Maybe they have a wipe round their face, armpits and crotch (always, but always, in that order) with a damp flannel while waiting for the bus as they're paid 'too much dosh to wash'.

I'm going to look into developing some personal hygiene 'to go' products. My new 'Ablution Solution' range will be launched soon..
I will be testing the prototype leakproof, anti squelch, flatus resistant 'City Boy Commuterpants' on Dave over the weekend...I knew I'd find a use for those old hot water bottles.

Are you listening Bannatyne?

*** If you can be bothered to click on that link, halfway down, the phrase 'hot cereal breakfast occasion' is used by Quaker's Marketing Director. Well, it made me smile anyway...I wish I had her job, it must be a right laugh.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tax rebates, dog vests, ready peeled garlic and Ed Balls hair.

Still no competition wins. In sheer desperation and in a bid to break my duck I've resorted to entering competitions with really small and/or wildly inappropriate prizes. Yesterday I entered one for a Bat's Trust tea towel (a charity apparently, not a character trait) and earlier this week I entered a competition to win a breast pump, despite being happily sprogless and planning to stay that way.
If I win it I'm sure it will make a nice present for someone....Being Olympic year I could say it's a performance enhancing sports inhaler.

On the other hand it's been a good week for free stuff. I've received 4 pots of moisturiser, some facial serum, a pouch of kitten food, 16 tea bags and some disclosing tablets. All the free stuff was obtained either directly or indirectly from the Freebies (no spend required) section of the MoneySavingExpert website, which is well worth a look. In fact, it should be a legal requirement in this age of austerity.

It was all rounded off nicely yesterday by a tax rebate from 2005/2006.
Yep, 2005/2006.
So soon?
Back then I still had some of my own teeth.
In the halcyon days of 2005/2006 I could squat on my haunches to look at the bottom shelves in the library without first working out how to get back up. In fact I probably didn't have to squat. I could probably see the titles standing up.
Corned beef was less than £1 a tin and you were allowed to put egg boxes in the rubbish without the compost police breaking down your door at 4am and frogmarching you naked to your nearest recycling facility to work unpaid for a week washing out cat food tins in cold water.

I suppose that I should count myself lucky that I got it before I was dead....Hopefully this heralds a change in fortunes and the tea towels will start flooding in.

Like the rest of the country it's got really cold here over the last few days. We have central heating but don't set it to come on at certain times as we believe this to be wasteful. In the past we set it to come on automatically but some days it's just not that cold and it comes on anyway, binge drinking oil.
So now we just turn it on as required. It doesn't take long to start warming the house and half an hour of being in danger of developing hypothermia isn't such a hardship.

So sometimes the house is a tiny bit chilly and being soft, I worry that the dogs are cold. We have four but two are quite elderly and the eldest one is a bit senile too.
To keep them warm I have made them indoor vests and here's a picture of Lucifer (elderly, but not yet senile) modelling hers.

I buy tee shirts from charity shops and inexpertly alter them to vaguely fit whichever dog happens to need one. As well as wearing it in the house, Lucifer wears hers under her outdoor coat when going on a walk-a kind of thermal underwear for dogs. Are you listening Bannatyne? It may look ridiculous but it's another surefire money spinner.

We went to Fishguard yesterday and had a look in the Co-op. Interestingly Fishguard has parking charges too, which they suspend out of season. Cardigan should take a leaf out of their book.
Anyway, I had to smile as they were selling tiny pots of peeled garlic for £1. Just peeled, not chopped or anything.
Do people really find peeling their garlic such an odious task? They'll be selling ready-cracked eggs next.

I would happily sit and peel 7 cloves of garlic for £1. In fact, that's going to be my new career. Garlic Skinner. I can even do it in your own home, so make that Mobile Garlic Skinner.
Either that or Ed Balls hairdresser. I know nothing about hairdressing but whatever I did to him it's got to be an improvement because the poor man just looks ridiculous.
The 1950's chubby schoolboy look is so 2005/2006....

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Breaking the law in Cardigan, conker coffee and extra helpings of washing powder.

A few days ago we ventured north to Cardigan. It's a small town which has a homebrew shop, an Aldi and several charity shops which, after almost 8 years, we have never bought anything from. They seem full of stuff, just never stuff that we want to buy. I'd like to know how they do that.

On arriving we saw that the parking fees had gone up to £1 for an hour.
Now I am a slave to rules, regulations and officialdom and  get a cold sweat on at the thought of an overdue library book, but £1 for an hours parking in Cardigan seems excessive.
So, spurred on by the recent example of lawlessness from celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson we decided to throw caution to the wind and smuggle the cheese through the Self Service checkout.
Yes, we parked without buying a ticket. We went illegal.

Whilst skulking furtively around Cardigan like Bad Ass lawbreakers, we decided to go into Aldi as we were getting low on coffee. We don't have refined coffee tastes and we actually prefer instant to ground.
We normally buy Granarom Instant coffee at about £1.50 for 200g from Lidl but we decided to try the Aldi equivalent-Aldi Alcafe Rich Roast coffee granules.

I remember reading good things about this product and it seems that it has won various taste tests and there was quite a lot of media coverage of it........about 2 years ago.
Well, I tried it this morning and I don't know whether they have reformulated it since the reviews or whether the reviewers had previously only ever drunk Mellow Birds, but it is nasty. Really nasty. I think they make it from conkers.
Years ago, when dabbling in a low caffeine lifestyle, I bought a massive jar of Dandelion coffee from the health food shop. The Alcafe stuff reminds me of this in that it doesn't remotely taste like coffee. At least with the Dandelion coffee you knew what you were letting yourself in for. 'Dandelion' on the label gave it away.
It won't be wasted though. I shall either buy more Lidl Granarom and 'cut' the Aldi stuff with it at 100 parts Granarom to 1 part Alcafe, or save it for deterring slugs and visitors.

Dave took the opportunity to visit the homebrew shop in Cardigan and was minding his own business browsing hops when the assistant asked him if he was planning on doing some sparging this afternoon. Startled at this remark and wondering if it was something to do with his offending behaviour he made his excuses and left.

I'm not condoning crime, but on this occasion we escaped the rap and gunned the Micra out of Cardigan like the fugitive perps we were. £1 up on The Man.

Moving on, I always buy Value washing powder from Tesco or Morrisons, although Morrisons seems to be cheaper at the moment. I alluded to the cult of 'laundry snobbery' back in November and refuse to support the drug habits of the marketing people by buying ridiculously named laundry products.
Anyway, having recovered from the coffee, there was much excitement this morning as I opened  a new box only to find that it was packed to the brim with powder.
Contents most definitely haven't settled during transit.
I had to decant some of it into a bag and it made a bit of a mess, but I reckon it contained double the normal amount.
Back of the net.
When buying liquids like milk, ketchup or squash I always go for the one that's most full - there's a surprising variation in the levels. Having got this bumper box of washing powder I shall also be checking the weights of stuff in future, so if you see someone acting strangely in the washing powder aisle, it's probably me.
Just don't call the Feds.

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Monday, 9 January 2012

Bamboo, Brazil, hairballs and tinned fish.

I bought the much lauded 'Magnum' washing up liquid from Aldi yesterday. It seems that Which? has found it to be better than Fairy and so I thought that I would give it a go at 99p for a litre.
The thing that caught my attention was the exotic fragrance name-'Bamboo and Lotus Balm'. Bamboo seems to be quite the plant of the moment, what with it being 'sustainable' and the Edinburgh panda bears. You can even get pants and socks made out of it these days, apparently.

There appears to be a strong marketing trend towards giving cleaning products the most outrageously exotic names. Lenor Pearl and Moonflower fabric conditioner, Bold Crystal Rain and White Lily Flower 2 in 1 and Surf Small and Mighty Mystic Waterfalls of Lotus Flower and Wild Freesia (they must have been shooting up Speedballs to think that one up), being just a few examples.

My favourite is Febreeze Brazilian Carnival Mist and Refresh spray.

I am not very well travelled and have have only been abroad once. That was an ill advised trip to Malta 4 years ago. Bizarrely, Dave and I were thinking of moving there, so we decided that rather than landing for the first time at the airport with the dogs and all our worldly belongings, it might be an idea to visit first. I'm glad we checked it out as I  hated it so much that on arrival I wanted to pay for a flight home rather than wait for the prepaid return flight a week later. As you know I'm not given to extravagance but it was that bad.

So, due to my lack of 'wanderlust' I have no idea what a Brazilian Carnival smells like but I bet it isn't very nice. Sweat, truck fumes, beer, fags and fried meat, I'm guessing. The front room smells bad enough with four flatulent dogs and Dave, without adding fuel to the fire and paying around £2 for the privilege.

This type of "wordy"product naming seems to be spreading to other items such as cat food-'Sheba Essence Fine Dining Collection' and toilet rolls-'Andrex Touch of Luxury Enriched with Shea Butter Toilet Tissue Rolls'. I would welcome a touch of luxury but can think of better places to have it than up the jacksy.

The pet food industry has gone one step further and seems to be naming its food according to the pets affliction or surgical status. IAMS Adult Hairball Control cat food  and  Purina One Neutered Cat food being two examples. I added links as Dave said that no one would believe me otherwise.
I think we should do this for humans too.
I quite like the sound of McVities No Gall Bladder Hob Nobs, Ginsters Depressive Tendencies Steak Slice,  Birds Eye Erectile Dysfunction Fishcakes, McCain Stop Snoring! Oven Chips, Ben and Jerry's Dude Where's My Tonsils? Ice Cream or Heinz Prone to Piles Meatballs. You could have a full 'Prone to' or 'Stop!' range designed to combat common ailments such as constipation, fungal infections, boils, PMT, ingrown toenails and flatulence. No need to bother the doctor. Just go shopping and self medicate to your hearts content.

Moving on, the trip to the new  Poundland was good and it seems larger than the one in Carmarthen. I bought two 213g cans of pink salmon. I love tinned fish and pink salmon is my favourite. I think that it's far nicer than red, but then I never did have much class.
I remember when it was only just over a pound for a large can, now you are lucky to get a large can of pilchards for under a pound, let alone pink salmon. I bought a large 418g can of pink salmon from Tesco just before Christmas and it was £2.17, so these cans for a pound each were a decent buy. As you can see they had two varieties so I thought that I would hedge my bets and try one of each. Strangely both tins have the word 'fancy' on the label. 
We also dropped into the 99p Store and got a large 350g jar of minced ginger, which I thought was a fair price. We get through loads of ginger due to Dave being addicted to Indian food.  I will let you know how it tastes.
Anyway I'd better go now as breakfast beckons. Todays it's Kelloggs Prone to Sciatica Cornflakes with some Stop Skiving! milk.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Wax yer jacket. With petroleum jelly. And a POUNDLAND!

Dave, ever the Country Squire, has been on the look out for a waxed jacket for some time. Just before Christmas he got lucky at a local charity shop where he found one for £8. Oddly enough he'd missed out on waxed jackets in the same shop on two previous occasions. The first time he was scuppered due to being a man (it was clearly meant for a lady whichever way you looked at it) and the second time it was due to his freakishly long arms.

So, third time lucky. We went in and there was the jacket, in a carrier bag of newly donated stuff and not  priced up yet. Dave was straight in there-tried it on, asked the price and paid for it before anyone else had a chance to get a look in. I think that he may have even gone up to a tenner, such was his excitement. 
I have a theory that whatever you want will eventually turn up in a charity shop. I'm hoping for a meat tenderiser one day. For schnitzels. All that banging is no good for the iron. 

Anyway, he wore it a few times but realised that it needed 'rewaxing' as it wasn't very waterproof and seemed a bit stiff. We had a look online at the products that are recommended for the job, but they were more expensive than the jacket so he came up with the idea of using petroleum jelly (not Vaseline mind, that would be too extravagant). We have a huge pot that has been hanging around for years so he set to work on his hands and knees, waxing for all he was worth whilst watching the National Lottery show. He gets very excited about it every week despite never buying a ticket. He gave the jacket a generous coating and hung it up to 'dry' for about a day before going over it again.
Yep, that'll be rain again tomorrow then. Good job I'm well waxed up.
It certainly seemed to soak in well and has made the jacket more pliable. He's been wearing it for a while now and reports that it is very waterproof. Given the amount of rain that we have, it needs to be.
Grease is the word. The new face of petroleum jelly...

We had a bit of an outing today as we went round to our neighbours Helen and Rick for an afternoon of socialising, anchovies and cheese. They have a place in France and so are a bit Continental.
A good afternoon was had by all, but it was only as we were about to leave that they nonchalantly mentioned that a POUNDLAND had opened up in Haverfordwest. A POUNDLAND!
Just think.
That means we have a Poundland and a 99p Store now. Soon there will be no need to go to Carmarthen.
We were amazed that they had 'sat' on this news all afternoon and not mentioned a thing. I bet they were bursting to tell us.
We will be heading off to the Metropolis tomorrow to have a look. As I mentioned in my last post, I will beware of falling into the 'its only a quid' trap and will shop carefully. Little did I know that we had a new Poundland when I wrote just goes to show.
I will report my findings soon.