Monday, 31 October 2011

Notice goes in today....

So I have finally reached a decision. Yet another weekend has passed with me getting more miserable as Monday gets closer. I have been in the job for over 5  years and it started off okay, but my role has been changed and I'm really not enjoying it. If  I am honest I haven't enjoyed it for several years but I have been "sticking it out" as the money was modest but acceptable.

Dave and I had a row this morning as I was feeling down again. He told me to just "F*** it off", but on the other hand, rightly stated that I need to get something else, and soon. Shame that I apart from a handful of "O" levels/CSE's I have no qualifications...and that I live in a rural area with few job opportunities. But enough is enough, even though there are worse jobs (and I have done some of them) this really is making me feel that bad. Something drastic has to be done.
We have always been "careful" with money (some would say hardcore frugal), but we work hard to make money, and so do not like to give it away on a whim or waste it. With my upcoming "rest" I think that I will have to take my frugality up a gear or two-I will share my progress (both money saving and job hunting), with anyone that's interested.